Marilyn B.

“I’ve been taking Celergen for 8 months and I’ve just been feeling wonderful ever since I’ve started.

Last year, I had breast reconstruction surgery. I had old implants taken out . New ones put in. After, I had 2 bad infections. So after this surgery I started taking the Celergen. Now I am having another surgery. This one did not turn out good either. But after he did the surgery on me, I had no infection. The only thing different in my body that I have been doing is taking the Celergen.

So, I had no infection from the 2nd surgery, which I was so thrilled with. And since then I’ve been on Celergen and it’s so healing. It’s healed my body up so well. I’m very happy with everything. I have so much energy. I feel wonderful inside and I’m also 81 years old!”