The Science

Formulated in Switzerland, Celergen is the next revolutionary step in regenerative health as the world's first oral treatment that provides similar benefits as traditional cell therapy injections.

The Science Behind Celergen


    Similar to traditional cell therapies, Celergen’s potency is derived from the living cells and DNA of an animal – deep sea salmon and herring. Caught off the coast of France, these fish provide a potent blend of proteins and enzymes that help to supply the nutrients needed to rejuvenate the cells and deep tissues of the body.


    Because successful traditional cell therapies require the use of “living cells” to regenerate our own damaged and dying cells, Celergen’s scientists use a “cold” extraction process to carefully remove the cells and DNA of the above fish, preserving their potency and regenerative effect.


    After extraction, Celergen’s powerful ingredients are then encapsulated into an “enteric-coated” softgel capsule, ensuring that it bypass your stomach and into your small intestine.


    The small intestine is where the nutrients needed for the body are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The peptides contained in Celergen act as modes of transportation for Celergen’s powerful ingredients, ensuring a maximum rate of absorption.


    Once Celergen has entered the bloodstream, the initiation phase of cellular repair has begun, as your body prioritizes and transports its active ingredients directly to the areas of most need. Upon arrival, Celergen helps to repair the damaged areas of the body – one cell at a time – moving from one affected area to the next.


    Celergen is viewed as a long term treatment. A daily dose of Celergen is recommended for a minimum of 4-6 months to experience a full realization of benefits. Decades of internal damage, as a result of the aging process, will not be repaired overnight, but to experience profound and life changing results in a matter of months is worth the wait.


    Results ultimately depend upon a variety of factors such as, the extent of cellular damage as well as the individual’s perceived, and desired benefits. To know if Celergen is working for you, it is important to be fully aware of all of the benefits that have been experienced by Celergen users, as well as those ascertained through clinical studies.

What is Cell Therapy?

Since the 19th century, cell therapy has involved the administration – by injection – of living cells extracted from animals to treat the damaged and dying cells that contribute to the diseases, and serious conditions associated with age. Viewed as one of the greatest advancements of regenerative health, the world’s most affluent would travel to Europe to be treated. Although highly effective, traditional cell therapy injections are costly and painful.

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