Terry L.

“I discovered Celergen about 9 months ago in a study I was reading on skin health. I’ve been noticing, recently over the past couple years, some negative changes in my skin. And this study showed a dramatic improvement for the participants who were taking Celergen. Improvement in fine lines, wrinkles (a dramatic improvement), skin hydration, skin tone.

So Tammy and I decided “let’s start taking this and see what it can do”. I can tell you, and I wasn’t expecting this – I was exciting about the skin health benefits – but I’m also sleeping better. I used to sleep 3-4 hours tops. I wake up. I go back to bed. 3-4 hours. It was always broken up, but now I sleep (and I’ve been doing this for at least 8 of the 9 months), 6-8 hours at a time. And everybody knows that sleep is where the deep healing for the body occurs.

So, I’m really, really impressed by this.”