These are only a few of those who have enjoyed the lasting benefits of Celergen with us:

Michael-GeorgeMichael George, Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer

“I am very body aware and like to believe that I’m in peak health. At my age, I had grown accustomed to having to mix up my workout regimen to allow for recovery from one day to the next. Now, I can do a full-blown hour-long workout, come back the next day and do it all over again. I suggest to my clients that they reconsider all the supplements they take and reduce the long list to only Celergen. It is really the only product out there that is capable of addressing a multitude of areas.”

Lupita Jones, Miss Universe

“I’ve lead a very hectic and non-stop life since I became Miss Universe in 1991. I live in one of the biggest and most complicated cities in the world, Mexico City. I’m a public figure, travel all the time, interviews, meetings, photo shoots, and am an executive of one of the biggest communications companies in the world. I’m a mother, writer, spokesperson for different causes, and of course, I have a personal life too.

I take Celergen every day and start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong, full of energy and with a great attitude to continue with my “non-stop life.”

“Celergen… aids in providing a regular sleep pattern giving me 8-9 hours a night! ”
Aaron Younger, 39
“I have been taking Celergen for approximately 3 weeks now. Overall, I feel quite healthy and I got a lot more energy from taking the pills. My sleep patterns have become more regular and I am able to get an average of 8 to 9 hours every night. In my line of work, it is quite stressful, so it is very much a luxury to get 8 hours of sleep. I now wakeup in the mornings feeling a lot fresher and more energized. It’s a real bonus. Taking Celergen has been a really positive experience for me as I have the feeling of being healthy consistently. My lifestyle is very much a work hard and play hard lifestyle. There’s the stress level that work brings on me and then there’s the stress level that I bring upon myself. After taking Celergen for just 3 weeks, I’ve noticed gains in performance and stamina during my exercise regimes has made a market improvement to my health and well being.”
“A powerful increase in energy & endurance”
Adam McCreight Fiore, 41
“I had been trying unsuccessfully to kick start my exercise regime for the past 6 months. Because of my hectic work schedule, the only time I could exercise was at 6 am in the morning – a seemingly insurmountable task. After taking Celergen for only a week, I was amazed that the morning tiredness was gone and I was able to “burst into action” and commence my exercise regime with energy and vitality. What a remarkable feat for me! Thank you Celergen.”
“Now, I can proudly say that I have regained my youth!
Maria Moon, 62
“I am 62 and I consider myself middle-age because I refuse to admit that I am old. However, my eyes, bones and stamina have all weakened with age. One thing I never expected to benefit from Celergen is the INCREASE IN ENERGY and STAMINA. Because I hardly exercise, it was very astonishing when I could climb 128 stairs up and down within 30 minutes. Now, I can proudly say that I have regained my youth!”
“I now have uninterrupted sleep through the night hence this allows me to be more restful upon awakening.”
Michael Strahan, 54
“After taking Celegen for 2 weeks, I have noticed that my sleeping pattern have changed for the better. I now have uninterrupted sleep through the night hence this allows me to be more restful upon awakening. My skin texture has improved tremendously.”
“Now, I can be a Super mom & wife and still do well in my career…”
Josephine Chang, 41
 “As a career woman and a mother of two, the greatest challenge I have is to overcome the sense of guilt because I have no time for my kids. Now after taking Celergen, I still feel energetic and fresh when I return from work. Now I have more energy to play with my kids and I am the one who takes the initiative to play with them. Also, I no longer feel guilty towards my children. I feel more satisfied and happy. I believe Celergen helps in my overall health.”
“My skin texture has becomes smoother. I found my skin looking brighter and my pores less visible.”
Rie Loo, 43
“I am not into supplements. By chance, a friend introduced Celergen – Swiss Cell Nutrition Supplement to me. I’ve to confess that I was not enthusiastic. The only reason I decided to try was the fact that Celergen was RESEARCHED AND MANUFACTURED IN SWITZERLAND and was also PROVEN WORLDWIDE. For the first few weeks, I didn’t find any special change in me maybe because I don’t lead a hectic life or perhaps I have always been in relatively good condition. But one morning, when I was in front of the mirror, I found that my skin texture has become Smoother! Also, I found my skin looking Brighter and my Pores Less Visible. It was great pleasant surprise for a woman to see this amazing result out of a long list of other known benefits of Celergen.”
“People always asked me How I cope with my demanding career, my MBA program and 4 young kids at the age of 41…I tell them- It’s Celergen”
Chung Wai Ling, 41
“I am an ambitious career woman with 4 children aged 13, 11, 3 and 2 years old. My work has always been demanding and challenging but recently I feel extremely tired and lethargic. To make matters worse, I embarked on a 2 year MBA program, which requires me to go for classes during the weekends.I began to feel overwhelmed…. I can’t keep up with all the things that are expected of me. As a chronic and slightly pathological overachiever, I wanted to be the “Perfect Mom” and still excel at work, be a good MBA student and yet be ready to be there for my husband!I am caught up in a terrible web and I don’t know how to get out of. I was almost near “Breaking Point”. Then a friend introduced me to Celergen… it is a miracle for me. Only after 10 days of Celergen, I feel a significant increase in my energy levels and optimism. I am able to spend quality time with my kids, cope with my MBA exams and excel at work.It is a remarkable achievement for me because even though my sleeping hours are about 5 hours, I am able to rest well and wake up infused with renewed energy. I guess the Cell Nutrition – cell renewal and stimulation work wonders for me. Most importantly, my friends commented that I look bright and radiant – what a surprise for me – I thought with all my hectic schedules and burdens I will look haggard and pale. What a Surprise. I Feel Great!”
I have taken many different pills, vitamins and natural products. Nothing helped. I am only 51!”
Nea Wasell, 51
“During the past ten years I have felt how my body is getting older. All these physical feelings are really going to disturb your life. Especially, if you are a bit hyper active person as I have been. It also begins to disturb your mental health and I am ONLY 51 years young. Because of all the above I have taken many different pills and all possible vitamins. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has helped. And think all the money I have spent during these years! I smoke and the first thing I noticed was that I had got my sense of smell back and my breathing was easier, kind of deeper. Now I get up in the mornings after having slept well throughout the night in a good mood. I can put my socks on normally, without acrobatic movements. I can endure long active days without being tired all the time and needing to take naps. I can stand hours in my high heels – without being unable to walk next day. I feel better, I look better and I am proud of myself.”
“Celergen is indeed a fantastic product!”
Andrew Neo, 40
 “My work requires me to entertain almost every night. Usually after a night of heavy drinking, I will feel very lethargic at work. After taking Celergen for 2 weeks, I see remarkable improvements. I can concentrate on my work the following day and I can even focus better during early morning meetings. Besides witnessing the enhancement in my energy level and alertness, I also see a glow radiating from my skin and the disappearance of my wrinkles. Celergen is indeed a fantastic product.”
“The positive results I experience are life changing for me!”
Coreen Lee, 27
 “Working as a product specialist, my work is hectic, stressful and extremely demanding.
Of late, I have been feeling lethargic, making it difficult for me to cope physically and mentally at work. In spite of a proper night’s sleep, I would still wake up feeling tired and listless. By afternoon, I would be totally exhausted. Given that I am only 27 years old, I feel helpless and frustrated at the same time. When my customers asked me why I always look so tired, I was embarrassed and did not know how to respond. Then my friend introduced me to Celergen. The positive results I experience are life changing for me! Just one month of Celergen, I noticed an unprecedented improvement in my energy levels; I am mentally alert and more vivacious. This amazing energy sustains me well after lunch.”