Cellular Repair Cycle

The 5 Phases of Cellular Repair

To Understand if Celergen is Working for You is to Understand the Cellular Repair Cycle

Phase I - Damaged

    Week 0

    In the Damaged Phase, your cells are damaged and dying. The greater the cell damage, the longer it takes to move into initiation phase.


    During the damaged phase, you are experiencing many of the conditions associated with age such as fatigue, joint pain, aged skin and others.

“Unlike drug therapy, which usually just addresses one specific ailment, Celergen turns on multiple different engines in our bodies. Since it acts in multiple ways, you cannot exactly predict what it will do for each patient. It goes to work where it needs to go to work.”

– Dr. Uzzi Reiss, Beverly Hills, CA

Phase II - Initiation

    Weeks 1-9

    In the Initiation Phase, Celergen is being introduced into the bloodstream and cells are beginning the initial process of repair.


    While likely still feeling many of effects of the age related conditions that you’ve experienced, your journey to whole body healing has begun.

“Frankly, I did not think that Celergen would help. I thought it was a hoax, but I was desperate for that magic pill. It took a good 3 months to see an effect. My complexion is now glowing, and my friends tell me I look younger.”

– Dr. B, New York, NY

Phase III - Rejuvenation

    Weeks 10-15

    In the Rejuvenation Phase, cells are actively being repaired on a large scale which will continue on a daily regimen of treatment.


    With your cells in the process of rejuvenation, you’re body is finally at a point to where true internal healing is taking place, and improvement is more apparent.

“I started taking Celergen three months ago and my skin has never looked better! The dark circles and volume loss are dramatically improved!”

– Dr. Karla Stephen, Lexington, KY

Phase IV - Maintenance

    Weeks 16-20

    In the Maintenance Phase, your cells are healthier than they’ve been for a long time, but are still in need of a consistent regimen of Celergen.


    Your body is maintaining the improvement you’ve experienced where age-related conditions have either diminished, or completely disappeared.

“I recommend my patients take Celergen for at least 4 to 6 months and see what happens. I’ve only had one patient choose not to continue. That’s how effective and life-changing Celergen can be. “

– Dr. Jocelyn Eberstein, Los Angeles, CA

Phase V - Prevention

    21 Weeks & Beyond

    With continued use of Celergen, you’ll reach the End Goal of all 5 phases – The Prevention Phase – where the cells are now healthy enough to prevent relapse and new degenerative conditions.


    In the Prevention Phase, you’ll feel better, healthier and more confident in yourself, with an overall sense of well-being that you haven’t experienced in years.