The Celergen Effect

Clinical Studies show that Celergen helps to increase Energy for a more active lifestyle

Study I


    Participants, suffering from conditions related to mental fatigue, where treated with Celergen for an extended period of time and experienced significant improvement, with some even reporting recovery.


    Improvement – evening fatigue (82.5%); post-sleep fatigue (82.9%); concentration (76.9%); and difficulty sleeping (75%). Recovery – evening fatigue (20%); post-sleep fatigue (24.3%); concentration (20.5%); and difficulty sleeping (25.7%)

“I started taking Celergen in the fall of 2012 and immediately noticed a multitude of benefits. I felt an increase in my energy levels throughout the day, I was sleeping much better throughout the night and woke up feeling much more rested.”

– Dr. Joyce Lender, Elyria, OH

Study II


    445 women and 243 men with symptoms of asthenia (fatigue) and lack of strength were treated with Celergen.


    Of the 688 participants, 64% showed a reduction in physical fatigue while 57% reported a reduction in mental fatigue. Overall, 79% of all participants treated with Celergen reported “significant improvement” in their physical and mental well being.