Mental Clarity

The Celergen Effect

Stress can induce elevated and unhealthy levels of inflammation. In turn, high levels of inflammation has been linked to brain fog and a decrease in cognition. Clinical studies show that Celergen helps the body to normalize unhealthy levels of inflammation, thereby improving our mental clarity, focus and overall sense of well being.

Study I - Mental Health

    Mental Health Study

    A clinical study was conducted on 688 patients suffering from mild to moderate mental health conditions, averaging 44 years of age for 15 days.


    Subjects reported significant improvement from feelings of anxiousness and apprehension (32%); mental fatigue (54%); sleep disorders (47%); memory loss (45%); and sadness and depression (50%).

“After a couple of months on Celergen, I began noticing what I can only describe as better mental clarity. At work, I found that I had increased focus and better recall. Celergen vastly improves my ability to serve my patients.”

Dr. Cara VanWormer-Hartman, Hinsdale, Illinois

Mental Fatigue

    Study II - Mental Fatigue

    Participants, suffering from conditions related to mental fatigue, where treated with Celergen for an extended period of time and experienced significant improvement, with some even reporting recovery.


    Improvement – evening fatigue (82.5%); post-sleep fatigue (82.9%); concentration (76.9%); and difficulty sleeping (75%). Recovery – evening fatigue (20%); post-sleep fatigue (24.3%); concentration (20.5%); and difficulty sleeping (25.7%)

“After taking Celergen every day I have noticed remarkable improvements on many levels. Enhanced stamina and significant increase of energy. I am more focused and happier with a general sense of well-being. I sleep much better now and wake up with renewed energy.”

Dr. Michael Hytros, Founder of the Anti-Aging and Bariatric Clinic, Chicago, IL