Pain Relief

The Celergen Effect

Clinical studies show that Celergen helps to significantly reduce Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain



    In this clinical study 2,960 participants, averaging 61 years of age – 99% reported moderate to significant pain associated with osteoarthritis.


    After a month on Celergen, 68.5% reported partial pain relief, while 21% reported that their symptoms had all but disappeared. Overall, 83% reported improvement to their physical performance.

“My son broke one of his vertebrae in an accident about a year and a half ago. He became very weak, in chronic pain and depressed. I started him on Celergen 4 months ago. It boosted his energy and mood and decreased his pain to the point that he started to exercise again and is now back to being himself.”
-Dr. Rene’ Dell’Acqua, Palm Desert, CA

Hip & Knee Pain


    Celergen was tested against the pain relief and steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug, Diclofernac, on 67 volunteers suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee.


    At its conclusion, the study found that after 42 days, 39% of the participants reported a significant reduction in their joint pain versus the 35% with Diclofernac.

“Celergen seems to instinctively know where you have the most inflammation or degeneration in your body – whether it’s in joint pain or cardiac output or a skin condition – and it heads there. Your body has more foot soldiers to help with the healing process. It’s like bringing in the cavalry.”
-Dr. Alex Alonso, Miami, FL

Joint & Back Pain


    In a blind study, 116 participants with the average age of 42, were separated into 2 groups to compare the results of Celergen and a placebo for 40 days.


    Participants reported improvements in the following areas: Reduction in Pain: Celergen – 44%, Placebo – 25%. Reduction in Degree of Functional Difficulty: Celergen – 33%, Placebo – 26%. Increase in Vertebral Column Mobility: Celergen – 43%, Placebo – 27%. Overall Improvement in General Condition: Celergen – 40%, Placebo – 26%