Skin Illuminating Serum – Single Bottle


A powerful, illuminating topical agent that works to heal the outer dermal layers of your skin.


    Beauty Enhancing

    Extracted from deep sea salmon and herring, the key ingredient, our proprietary – beauty enhancing – Cellular Marine Complex, works to repair the damaged outer dermal layers of the skin.



    Within 2 minutes of drying your skin after a shower or warm rinse – while your pores are still open – pump a pearl size amount into the palm of your hand and then gently massage into the facial, neck and décolleté areas of your skin, allowing it to dry naturally.

Beauty Enhanced

Lines & Wrinkles

71% of study participants showed "significant" reduction in deep wrinkles.

Tone & Density

77% of study participants had fine wrinkles completely disappear.

Crows Feet

A 30 day study, revealed significant reduction in "Crows Feet" for Volunteers averaging between 40 and 55 years old.

Health & Vibrance

A clinical study on 30 volunteers showed overall improvement in skin thickness, elasticity and dryness.

UV Protection

22 participants treated with Celergen showed significant increase in protection from over-exposure to the sun's UV Radiation.


Celergen users have reported healthier, stronger nails.


A new clinical study shows that Celergen helps to significantly improve wound healing.


Celergen users have not only reported healthier, fuller hair, but hair returning from gray to its natural color.