Swiss Research

Celergen Swiss Cell Nutrition

Non-pharmaceutical and non-injectable, Celergen is a natural product with remarkable benefits. Through Swiss cold-process DNA extraction technology, Celergen delivers essential marine proteins into the bloodstream and improves cell activity. Each soft gel capsule is enteric-coated; by bypassing stomach acids and reaching the small intestine, the bio-active nutrients are preserved and can quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream. The polymerization of the marine complex enables this cell supplement to penetrate the cells and remain biologically active.

In addition to marine cell proteins, Celergen includes Peptide E Collagen, which enhances skin elasticity, and Hydro MN Peptide, which rejuvenates cartilage. Peptide E Collagen has been clinically confirmed to raise epidermal moisture levels for women over age 40. Collagen also positively balances protein nutrition and supports bone density. Many users report improved hair thickness and nail health with long-term use of Celergen.

The Hydro MN Peptide plays a critical role in supporting healthy cartilage growth and improves the biodynamic of the skin. It is also a Glycemic Index (GI) lowering peptide and has been clinically proven to reduce the conversion of unwanted fats. Marine cell proteins and peptides make Celergen one of the safest and most beneficial cell nutritional supplements you can purchase.